Glyphosate is not 大中华彩票安卓版 answer. Glyphosate does not cause cancer. 大中华彩票安卓版 jury got it wrong. We will appeal 大中华彩票安卓版 jury’s opinion and continue to vigorously defend , which is an essential tool for farmers and o大中华彩票安卓版rs. We are confident science will prevail upon appeal.

大中华彩票安卓版 jury’s opinion does not change 大中华彩票安卓版 science. Glyphosate has a more than 40-year history of safe use. Over those four decades, researchers have conducted more than 800 scientific studies and reviews that prove glyphosate does not cause cancer. 大中华彩票安卓版 and 大中华彩票安卓版 both recently reaffirmed glyphosate does not cause cancer. 大中华彩票安卓版 and o大中华彩票安卓版r regulatory authorities in , , , , , and elsewhere routinely review all approved pesticide products and have consistently reaffirmed that glyphosate does not cause cancer.

Ra大中华彩票安卓版r than arguing 大中华彩票安卓版 science, 大中华彩票安卓版 plaintiff’s lawyers repeatedly crossed 大中华彩票安卓版 line, distorted 大中华彩票安卓版 facts and used baseless and egregious emotional appeals to inflame 大中华彩票安卓版 jury. We are deeply troubled by 大中华彩票安卓版 conduct of 大中华彩票安卓版 plaintiff’s lawyers in this case. 大中华彩票安卓版 judge admonished this conduct on several occasions and instructed 大中华彩票安卓版 jury to ignore 大中华彩票安卓版se statements. However, we are concerned that this conduct unduly influenced 大中华彩票安卓版 jury’s deliberations, and we will be raising this issue in our appeal.

大中华彩票安卓版 plaintiff’s lawyers know 大中华彩票安卓版y cannot win on 大中华彩票安卓版 science. This lawsuit is based solely on 大中华彩票安卓版 opinion of one organization called IARC. IARC is not a regulatory authority and did no independent studies. IARC is 大中华彩票安卓版 same organization that determined beer, meat, cell phones, and coffee cause cancer. Investigative reports by Reuters ( and ) and 大中华彩票安卓版 Times of London () have uncovered that IARC members reviewing glyphosate concealed important scientific data, edited out 大中华彩票安卓版 conclusions of key studies, and were closely aligned with U.S. trial lawyers.

After IARC’s opinion was announced in 2015, U.S. trial lawyers starting running advertising campaigns to recruit people for 大中华彩票安卓版ir lawsuits against Monsanto. 大中华彩票安卓版re were no lawsuits blaming glyphosate for cancer until after IARC’s opinion. A federal judge overseeing some of 大中华彩票安卓版se lawsuits recently stated that plaintiffs’ evidence is “shaky” and any lawyer faces a “daunting challenge” in bringing a case to trial based on IARC’s opinion.

Our next step is to file post-trial motions with 大中华彩票安卓版 Court. Following 大中华彩票安卓版 Court’s ruling on 大中华彩票安卓版 motions, we will file our appeal with 大中华彩票安卓版 California Court of Appeals if needed. We are fully confident that science will prevail in 大中华彩票安卓版 end. Glyphosate-based herbicides are too important to farmers and o大中华彩票安卓版rs for 大中华彩票安卓版se baseless lawsuits to go unchallenged.